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Buzzinar Review Comprehensive Version 2016

I am glad you are checking out my website. If you are looking for a straightforward sincere review of BUZZINAR created by Omar and Melinda Martin, you will find that here.

 buzzinar traffic

Buzzinar Review


                                  Creators:   Omar and Melinda Martin

                                  Launch Date: 2016-03-01

                                  Launch Time: 12:00 P.M. EST

                                  Launching Price: $9.95

                                   Price After Launch: $27.00

                                   Niche:  List Building [Software and Plugin]

                                   Sales Page:  >> Click Here!

About The Creators

Omar is an online sales expert, author, public speaker, software developer, and information product publisher, along with being a six figure earner in Internet Marketing.

What Is Buzzinar?

It is a fabulous viral traffic getting system and software. The VIRAL traffic producing plugin will increase leads for your business.

Marketers all over the world are struggling to create a list so they can market their products or their affiliate products and make money online. Even using the most alluring squeeze pages if you are not able to drive traffic to them then they are of no use! You need a breakthrough for producing better leads and therefore better sales!

In the present-day your messages will cross the ocean fervidly in a couple of minutes. With the technology of Buzzinar, your messages travel like lightning to reach thousands of people in just a couple minutes.

If you pursue a modern technological method such as Buzzinar, you will see your list of buyers grow right before your eyes!

How Does Buzzinar Work?

Buzzinar is an autopilot traffic getting software and list building system. The Buzzinar system is a software plugin that works for you on autopilot. With Buzzinar, you will not need to test and try the hard way, you will learn to get leads and make money on autopilot.

The Buzzinar WordPress plugin will pull viral traffic into your website and it automates the entire process FOR YOU!

The Buzzinar training course is quick and easy to understand. You’re going to learn all the secret tricks to help you put money in your bank account.

The Buzzinar eBook and video course will GIVE you their entire VIRAL funnel strategy.

Once you have the BUZZINAR system set up, you will see how it attracts new leads quickly.

Here is an example of how Buzzinar works and what it will do!

Buzzinar Sharing Review

• Prospects squeeze into your Buzzinar funnel. Your prospective leads are pulled in as the OP2 funnel will let them in the door and add them to your list.
• The Buzzinar app entices them to invite their friends for a “free gift”
• Once the people are in the funnel, the friends they invited keep repeating the process and it goes on and on!

Set up the Buzzinar system the way you want it to look and perform, and place the WordPress short code on your download pages or welcome pages.

There will be a member’s area site tour and a demonstration of the plug-in itself on the Sales Page on launch day (March 1, 2016).

Once you implement the Buzzinar system you’ll set off a chain reaction that goes viral and attracts new subscribers automatically.

Have you ever heard the story about doubling a penny per day for thirty days?


Pretty amazing right? It’s hard to believe but it’s 100% true.  Now imagine if you could apply that same concept to your marketing.  Imagine if you could double a LEAD per day for thirty days.

Benefits of Using Buzzinar

A. You won’t need to spend countless hours making squeeze pages and funnels to collect your leads
B. You won’t need to wait for free traffic to finally find your squeeze page
C. You won’t be using antiquated systems to try to attract leads that just don’t cut the mustard.
D. It will bring VIRAL traffic to your website on automation
E. It is propelled by a “share” gate which causes your prospective leads to share with their friends and “unlock” the next step

There are 40 preloaded designs and you can even add your own HTML if you wish.

Once you implement the Buzzinar system you’ll set off a chain reaction that goes viral and attracts new subscribers automatically.

There will be administrative controls to aid you in customizing the look and the way you want Buzzinar to perform. You can also use an HTML editor to enter your own text, colors, fonts and HTML.

You will receive an UNLIMITED SITE LICENSE. Each Inviter has its own short code, just copy and paste the way you want it to look on your website.

The training videos will teach you exactly how to set up and use Buzzinar in order for you to make the most money!

If you set up and use the BUZZINAR system correctly, you will make more money, grow a strong buyer’s list, and be way ahead of the “average” Internet marketers.

What Will I Receive With The Software System?

• A 125 page Buzzinar .pdf book of viral funnel building
• An MP3 Chapter of Narration – download on your mobile device and listen on-the-go!
• MP4 Video Lessons – Watch the strategies unfold before your eyes!
• The Buzzinar software app – Create viral traffic on autopilot with both WordPress and HTML.

You will learn about the tips and tricks of making money online.

• Don’t make the mistake of giving out the wrong bonuses
• Secret tips for making sales every time you promote a product
• The “Hollywood” method to get more clicks and commissions on every sales promotion.
• How to become a 6-figure affiliate
• How to interest your audience in the affiliate product you promote

You can become a VIRAL marketer by learning the BUZZINAR method!

• You will find out why 99.9 percent of affiliates are failing
• How to drive people to purchase from you
• Don’t listen to your prospective customers
• A money making method that is accelerated as well as powerful
• Why most affiliates are doing everything wrong

Bonuses Offered By Omar And Melinda Martin

You will receive a separate HTML tool in case you do not use WordPress

Buzzinar HTMl

• An unlimited sites developer license is available. – This is FOR LIFE!

Worldwide sites developer license

• An Optimize Press Funnel Template is included (however, the Optimize Press theme will have to be purchased by you separately apart from this system).

Optimize Press funnel Template

• You will receive free updates and support for a full year

One year of free updates

My Honest Opinion On Buzzinar

Since growing your list (the money is in the list!) and traffic are two of the basic needs for running an online business, I think this new software plugin provides one with the indispensable requirements needed.

The system has already been proven to work by Omar and Linda Martin, therefore leaving no doubt in my mind that it will work for you too if you follow their instructions.

Remember it is a done-for-you system that will grab leads for you on autopilot along with producing the traffic you need to get to your offers so you can promote and sell them and make money!

If you invest in BUZZINAR, your list will grow daily by itself – due to the system and the software.

On the day of launch, you will be able to receive INSTANT ACCESS for the low price of $9.95.

hot bonus bundle

List Building Simplified - Bonus No. One

Facebook Tactics Cheat Sheet Bonus 2


Pinterest Power Marketing Bonus Three


Copywriting Secrets Revealed Bonus Four



Bonus # 1 Viral Marketing Mania and How To Go Viral

Bonus # 3, 4 - Hot Ideas for Viral Fan Pages and 50 Mobile Optimized Squeeze Pages

Bonus # 5 Extreme List Building System and #6 Social Media Authority

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Free Bonuses

Buzzinar Traffic Software And Plugin by Omar And Melinda Martin (2016)

Buzzinar New Viral Traffic Getting System And Software

If you have heard about Omar Martin and his wife Melinda Martin before, their personal brand, products, and the information Omar has shared with everyone of you then you should not miss their new product, Buzzinar, this time!  They are a team with a rock solid reputation.

Omar and Melinda Martin

buzzinar traffic

Buzzinar is the brand new product that will be launched at noon on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and the launch will continue through midnight Monday, March 6, 2016.   The front end price point will be set at $10.00 for this viral traffic getting system and software suite.  You will be able to use this system in order to build a large and profitable list very quickly.  There is a WP viral plugin to multiply traffic and leads (as well as an HTML version). The best part is that all of this is done on autopilot!

You will likely be surprised at how this viral sales funnels, done the RIGHT way! will bring you a superabundance of benefits that will help you attract customers, build multiple lists and create sales funnels in any niche – Buzzinar!

This super easy traffic getting software will get your business rolling with two simple steps:  (1) by attracting subscribers and (2) by monetizing those subscribers.  You will learn the concept of telling two people, and each of those telling two people, and it continues – on and on and on!

I’m going to give you a tremendous package here!  You may visit my post with the comprehensive review along with the exceptional bonuses by clicking on the link below or as of March 1, 2016 – if you want to go directly to your bonus page – click on the Yellow “I Want My Bonuses!” Button.  Don’t forget to come back for a visit after March 1, 2016!

Come back soon!    Click here to go to the comprehensive review of BUZZINAR!

Get your bonuses here!  I want my bonuses